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Wharfedale Pro

Wharfedale Pro WF-300 Wireless Dynamic Vocal Dual (2-Way) Microphone with Internal Equalizer - Brand New

Wharfedale Pro WF-300 Wireless Dynamic Vocal Dual (2-Way) Microphone with Internal Equalizer - Brand New

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The WF-300 Wireless Microphone system brings advanced digital signal transmission technologies together with the highest quality audio components to create a wireless mic system that is both simple to use and delivers great quality audio – over a long range!

The two most important features of any wireless mic system have been addressed during its development.

  1. Range: WF-300 line of sight working range is over 100 meters
  2. Audio quality: WF-300 features 5 specially tuned EQ settings embedded inside its microphones. These allow the user to adjust the EQ curve of the mics to suit the character of their voice. This makes using the WF-300 a pleasure and helps the performer feel ‘comfortable’ with their sound.

The physical construction of WF-300 is also second-to-none. The 19” brushed steel receiver looks great in any rack and features two large, backlit LCD’s allowing the user to monitor the system, even at a distance.  

The microphones themselves are made from robust alloy with a dent-resistant spring-steel grille. The LCD display inside the mic also helps the user to monitor the battery level and channel selections. The mics also feature an internal gyroscope which senses movement making automute/unmute a seamless experience for the performer.


A small switch hidden inside the body of the microphones unlocks the power of EQ. These EQ settings change the overall tone of the mic capsule and can give ‘confidence’ to the performer.

Find the best EQ curve to suit your voice. With 5 settings to choose from, the internal mic EQ is a really handy feature!









  • WF-300 receiver/rack
  • 2 x Dynamic transmitter/microphone
  • Power adapter for receiver 
  • 2 x 'AA' batteries
  • User guide
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