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Sony DAV-DZ310 5.1Ch 850 Watts DVD Home Theater System - London Used

Sony DAV-DZ310 5.1Ch 850 Watts DVD Home Theater System - London Used

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The DAV-DZ310 Home Theatre System’s clean, sharp lines will lend a stylish, modern look to any room. And this system sounds even better than it looks!

Featuring 850 watts of ground shaking power, this system pumps out 5.1 channels of clear, powerful sound. The system also features 1080p DVD upscaling via the HDMI output as well as BRAVIA Sync.


  • HDMI Output (Upscale 1080p for DVD)
  • BRAVIA Sync
  • Easy to Use Remote Control
  • Speaker Terminal (Front/Centre/Surround/Subwoofer): Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes

Advanced Speaker System 

The Sony DAV DZ310 5.1 channel home theatre system is an impressive speaker set which offers all-round entertainment. Apart from a subwoofer, the 5.1ch home theatre system tags along a centre speaker, two full range front speakers and two tall boy speakers.

Its passive type 180mm subwoofer has a power output of 140W. All the other speaker units deliver an audio output of 142W each, making the system itself capable of rendering an output of 850W. The system's total power consumption is 170W and merely 0.3W in the standby mode.

Exceptional Audio Performance

Featuring a 48-bit S-Master amplifier, the Sony home theatre uses sound systems like Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic and DTS. A portable audio enhancer graces the home theatre with DVD, which is loaded with a number of customisation options to deliver an exceptional audio performance.

It features bass boost function to improve your movie-watching experience significantly. Equipped with two-way speakers, this system reproduces close-to-real sound for an enriching performance. Plus, it supports a number of playback formats for extended functionality. The Bravia Sync feature lets you connect this system to other compatible audio devices for enhanced sound output.

Multiple Connectivity Options

An advantage of opting for the Sony DAV-DZ310K is that it offers multiple connectivity options to let you tether a variety of gadgets, accessories and more to it.

The Sony 5.1ch home theatre is compatible with TVs and CD players amongst other things and the accompanying DVD player supports one disc at time. Its USB port allows you to directly connect a flash drive so you can instantly enjoy content saved on it. In addition to this, you get an HDMI connector, audio inputs, a microphone input, Bravia Sync and more.

Speaker Terminals

  • Front L and Front R speaker outputs utilize 3 ohms speakers : 142 watts each
  • Rear L and Rear R speaker outputs utilize 3 ohms speakers : 142 watts each
  • Center speaker terminals utilize a 3 ohms speaker : 142 watts
  • Sub Woofer terminals utilize a 3 ohms speaker : 140 watts


  • Brand : Sony
  • Model : DAV-DZ310
  • Supported Devices: TV, DVD Player, CD Player, MP3 Player and more
  • Speakers: One centre speaker, two front speakers and two tallboy speakers
  • Subwoofer: Passive, 180mm
  • Sound System: Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS, Dolby Pro Logic
  • Total Audio Output: 850W
  • Power Consumption: 170W
  • USB media playback and recording


  • SONY DVD Receiver
  • Sony Front, Rear and Center Speakers set
  • Sony remote control
  • Speaker wires
  • Power cord
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