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LG GC-X257CSES 674L Smart Inverter InstaView Side By Side Refrigerator with Water Dispenser - Brand New

LG GC-X257CSES 674L Smart Inverter InstaView Side By Side Refrigerator with Water Dispenser - Brand New

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The ultimate in home refrigeration: the LG GC-X257CSES 674L Smart Inverter InstaView Side by Side Refrigerator. Offering a full smart feature set, this refrigerator takes convenience and efficiency to a whole new level. InstaView Technology lets you check the contents of the fridge without opening the door, saving energy and keeping food fresher for longer. Plus, with a large 674L total capacity, this refrigerator ensures you’ll have plenty of storage space.

  • Energy Saving with Inverter Linear Compressor - LG's Inverter Linear Compressor has revolutionized the core of the refrigerator, providing up to 32% in energy savings, top-rate durability and optimal temperature control to keep foods fresher longer.
  • Instaview Door-in-Door™ : Knock twice to see inside - With two quick knocks on the sleek glass panel, see inside and check for your everyday items, favourite snacks and beverages without opening the door, preventing cold air from escaping and keeping food fresher for longer.
  • Door-in-Door® : Raid the fridge without losing your cool : An easy access compartment allows you to quickly get your hands on frequently used items, like milk, cheese and snacks, without opening the full door, reducing the amount of cold air that escapes.
  • UVnano™ : Self-Cleaning Water Dispenser - The UV Nano feature cleans inside of the water nozzle automatically for 10 minutes every hour, or can be activated manually.
  • Hygiene Fresh+™ : 99.999% Fresh Air - The intelligent air filter can not only remove bacteria up to 99.999%, but also minimize bad odor in the refrigerator. In addition, you can keep your food items fresher in the cleaner condition. 
  • DoorCooling+™ : Up to 19%* Faster & Even Cooling Everywhere - The air vents located at the front of the fridge help maintain temperature to keep your food items fresh. 


  • Inverter Linear Compressor
  • InstaView Door-in-Door™
  • ThinQ (Wi-Fi)
  • Door Cooling+™
  • Water and Ice Dispenser with UV Nano
  • Hygiene Fresh+™
Capacity (Litre) 674
Cooling Technology DoorCooling+™
Hygiene Fresh+™ Yes
Exterior Display Yes
InstavIew Door-In-Door™ Yes
Inverter Linear Compressor Yes
Exterior Finish Noble Steel
LG ThinQ Yes
Door-In-Door Yes
Height (Mm) 1790
Depth (Mm) 735
Width (Mm) 913
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