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Behringer C-2 Dual Matched Studio Condenser Microphone - Brand New

Behringer C-2 Dual Matched Studio Condenser Microphone - Brand New

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C-2 microphones are built to capture the performance of a choir, piano or any other vocal or acoustic sound source to provide a beautiful true-to-life sound.

Sold in perfectly matched pairs, these outstanding C-2 mics are ideal for acoustic guitars and overhead drum studio and live sound applications.


  • 2 matched condenser microphones for stereo studio recording and live applications
  • Ideal as main and support microphones for studio and live applications
  • Cardioid pickup pattern for effective feedback elimination
  • Low-mass diaphragm for ultra-wide frequency response and ultimate sound reproduction
  • Switchable low-frequency roll-off and input attenuation
  • Ultra low-noise transformerless FET input eliminates low-frequency distortion
  • Ultra-rugged construction with metal die-cast body
  • Gold-plated 3-pin XLR connector for highest signal integrity
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