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Alctron T8700II 7-Piece Drum Instruments Microphone Set with Mic Holders, Clamps and Carrying Case - Brand New

Alctron T8700II 7-Piece Drum Instruments Microphone Set with Mic Holders, Clamps and Carrying Case - Brand New

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T8700II is a drum microphone set, composed by KD6, SD2, and DM-3.

This sturdy 7-piece drum mic set features a metal housing and elegant design, and is engineered to capture sound with smoothness and accuracy. Cardioid and hyper-cardioid polar patterns ensure the mic can handle intense sound pressure levels without sound distortion, while its wide frequency response range provides high fidelity audio that accurately captures the full sound of the instrument.

This drum set microphone set of seven-pieces is a great selection for cymbals, drumming, percussion, and other instruments. It's ideal for use in recording studios, on stage shows, rehearsal, or performances. Each XLR microphone is kept secure and safely transported with the included hard shell carrying case.


  • KD6 BASS DRUM MICROPHONE : The KD6 dynamic large-diaphragm microphone is exceptionally reliable for the transmission of sound from low-frequency instruments a friend of every bass drum, djembe and bass
  • amplifier.
  • SD2 SNARE DRUM MICROPHONE : The SD2 is a high dynamic hyper-cardioid microphone, optimized for use on drum sets and other percussion miking applications. A lightweight voice coil provides extended high frequency and rapid transient response. If you're looking to mic your toms or snare, the SD2 is a dynamic mic ready for the job!
  • DM-3 PENCIL CONDENSER MICROPHONE : DM03 is a professional Instrument Microphone which applies Back Electret Condenser. This small size microphone is specifically designed for high and low-frequency instruments, especially for cymbals, piano and other instruments pickup, it also can be paired or combined with other types of instruments microphones and used for showing the best results in the performance.


  • 1 x Kick bass drum microphone (KD6)
  • 4 x Toms/snare drum microphone (SD2),
  • 2 x Overhead Pencil condenser microphone (DM-3)
  • 4 x Microphone clamp
  • 2 x Microphone clip
  • 1 x User manual
  • 1 x Carrying case.
  • *NOTE: XLR cables are NOT included
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