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AHUJA CTP-10DX Electret Condenser Omnidirectional Microphone - Brand New

AHUJA CTP-10DX Electret Condenser Omnidirectional Microphone - Brand New

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The AHUJA CTP-10DX is a brand new electret condenser microphone for capturing crystal clear audio. It’s omnidirectional design ensures that the audio you hear is balanced and accurate. Enjoy professional quality sound with this reliable piece of equipment.

Shotgun microphones can be used for video recordings, lecterns or theatre applications. The microphones are extremely light and rugged and therefore idea for mounting onto cameras or camcorders. They can be used for outdoor applications and in studios with fish pole booms or as handhelds. The electrostatic transducer element and the uni-directional polar pattern result in an excellent polar pattern with high sensitivity.

  • Professional performance microphone
  • Omnidirectional characteristics
  • 6 meters shielded low noise cable
  • Fixed tie clip


  • Capsule Type: Condenser (back electret)
  • Frequency Response: 100Hz-16 KHz
  • Normal Impedance: 2.3K Ohm (Short distance)
  • Tele impedance: 1K Ohm (Long distance)
  • Polar Pattern: Uni-Directional
  • Sensitivity: Short distance -45dB,
  • Long distance-38dB
  • Power Supply: DC1.5V
  • Sound Pick-up Distance: 3m
  • Battery working time: 26 hours


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